Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy new year

Ohhh my gosh.
The new year is so old already.

And still there was no time to blog about christmas and my birthday which was last saturday.
But big promise I will post about it later.

Life is always so busy.
I have the big goal to blog more but with my new job I'm not that much on the pc anymore.
In last job I wrote my blog posts durring my lunch break but since I have a NONE office job.
So computer time is short.
I'm not reading that much blogs and check all my fave flickr pics like I did before which I completly miss.

But I see lots of people leaving platforms like flickr. They go to instgram or leaving the photo comunity completly.

Last night I talked to mr. artistic how much I miss the times when I put lots of work in every pic because I took it with my DSLR.
I changed the lenses and tryed my best to take a fantastic pic.
Since it's easy to take "solala" pic with the smartphone I rarely touch my cam.

Sad story...right ?!
What about you ?

And if you still want to see my "solala" pics you can find me on instagram under crafting_with_love. (and of course I'm still at flickr but not that often like I used to be before)