Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's nearly a month since my last post.
I had big plans to write every day durring our vacation to Japan but as always it didn't work out at all.

We were so busy with shopping and exploring Tokyo that I completly lost track.

Since we are back from vacation I'm busy with finding a job and sewing for the dolls.

I'm super excited when I look at the stuff I brought home.

This time I didn't need to send me a package since we were able to squeeze everything in our suitcases.

I bought a little bit of food and candy.
I really love everything with matcha so I tryed to find as much as I can.

Japan is always famous for their cute clothes.
Sadly I'm not fitting in all the clothes and my feet are to big for their shoes but I found some cute stuff in my size .

I went a bit shopping crazy when it came to fabrics.
But who can resist these prices.
Sadly I wasn't able to buy as much as I want since mostly you had to buy a whole m of fabric.
So I went mostly with pre cut fabrics.
My best find was a used embroidery book from the 80ies for only 105 yen.

For the monster Blythe hats I'm always in need for felt.
Gladly I found some fun colors as well.

Blythe were super cheap while I was there and I found lots second hand ones for perfect prices.
So I went home with 4 neo Blythes and one petite Blythe.

Gladly I found some cheap Liccas too.
I was hoping to find more but I'm quiet happy with the ones I found.

Japan is known for their of course I brought some home.

With the next little ones I went a bit shopping crazy.
They were only 52 yen each so I bought lots of them.
Not all at one day but every time we went to Akihabara ( and we went there pretty often in the evening to hang around and have dinner) I brought some back to the hotel.

In the next picture you can see some random stuff I bought.

Not pictured are all the gifts I bought for friends and family.

I think I bought lots of stuff and it's so much fun to look at these pics now .