Sunday, September 30, 2012

new jacket

new jacket, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I'm just back from exercising.
I'm getting better every day and I start to enjoy sports again <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br">
Yesterday we went to the farmers market and I made a little stop at my fave shop.

I found this cute bench jacket and had to buy it.
It's a perfect green fleece with cute pattern (see bigger pic for detail).

Now we are off to go into the city again.
Today is the the "Gänselieselfest" in Göttingen so all shops are open.
For people who don't know about shops in germany you might need to know that usually all the shops are closed on sundays.
I'm pretty sure we have to fight through the crowd :)


jacket: bench
headscarf: no name
scarf: bought in Hong Kong
skirt: new yorker
tights: H&M
shoes: Deichmann
bag: skunkfunk

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Decorating my home

My weekend was filled with a fun crafty activity.

Me and my friend Mira made tons of pom poms to decorate the living room.

I saw a pic of a pom pom garland somewhere in the web and knew immediately that I needed one for my home.

At the first point I wasn't sure if I should put all the hard work into this project since we are moving sometime early next year but when I started with my first pom pom I was hooked.

Me and Mira made tons of pom poms and finally I had enough for my living room windows.
Now we have to make a few more for Mira's home.

I totally love the new cozy look and I should make more decorations for my home.

Sadly it's pretty hard to take pics agains the light. The pics turned out so blur and doesn't show how beautiful the garland look in my home.

Since we are talking about decorations I would like to show you a small part of my postcard collection in my kitchen.
I fall in love with the postcard idea at my friend Mira's home.
In her kitchen are lots of fantastic postcards from all over the world and they make the room so cozy.

Gladly my dad always sent my postcards from his trips so I had lots to choose from.

Sadly I still have lots of room for more.
If you love to write postcards I would be happy to recive one from your hometown/ country..
Of course I will send you a postcard back.

Just drop me a line at

Thursday, September 20, 2012

need a diet

need a diet, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I gained more than 6 kg since the Chemo started 3 months ago.
I feel very uncomfortable in my body now. Most of my clothes don't fit anymore :(

These shorts used to be loose they are really tight that I can hardly move >__< 

Another thing is that I lost my fitness. Before Chemo I was able to run 2,4 km without any break. Now I need a break every 300 meters.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


colors, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.
Autumn is here.

The best way to celebrate the new season is a fun and colorful outfit.

I got those red leather shoes for 20 € on sale. What a great find and they are so comfy.
I bought another pair of red shoes. Some booties in a lovely shade of red. I even found some perfect dresses to match the shoes.

I`m so ready for autumn.

What about you ??

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The summer sampler quilt is growing

My summer sampler quilt is finally coming to an end.
After nearly one year I finished all the blogs I needed to make it big enough to fit on my bed.

I have to admit that I really want to finish this quickly because this unfinished quilt is blocking me from working on new quilts.
This quilt was my daily reminder that those long term projects are not my cup of tea.
I have to work constantly on a quilt otherwise I'm in danger to keep my work unfinished.

I think I would choose a different color sheme if I have to make the quilt again.
It's a little bit to colorful for me now.
I hope I will like the quilt once it's finished.

For the backing I bought some cute flannel on sale and I still have some vintage ones from my first baby quilt.
I want the quilt to be cuddly since we will use it daily.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The little forest girl

She is now available on evil bay.

This little OOAK Blythe doll is searching for a new home.
She was created by me.

She is my first girl of my forest series.

This little one started her life as a simple RBL head. She has an Aubrena RBL eye mechanism and a Licca body.

Her purple hair is from a fake Blythe doll and was given a fringe.

Work done:

- carved lips, nose and philtrum
- sleep eyes
- eyes boggled and gaze corected
- new fancy eyelashes
- 2 pullrings (normal one , special one)
- new face up sealed with MSC matte
- 4 new eyechips (grey, green & 2 handpainted eyechips in gold and purple)
- purple hair from a fake Blythe
- given a little fringe

She will travel with outfits shown in the pictures. It's a little yellow striped shirt with a bubble skirt. She also comes with a white blouse and a flared brown overall.
The purple handpainted shoes, a little key necklace and a hairband are a part of her traveling outfit as well.

She won't travel alone. She will come to her new home with her little white deer forest friend.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

unique shoes for everyone

Some of you who are reading my blog might saw the awesome bag he created ?

This time he painted a pair of shoes with his very own designs.

He  already made me some really special shoes as well but this time they are available at my shop.

They are EU size 38 and in a lovely shade of orange perfect for the autumn styling.
Each shoes comes with a different painting and together they make a lovely pair.

He used acrylic paints to make them usable every day in wind and rain  without worring to much.

He allowed me to add the shoes to my shop.