Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

I went to Bad Homburg yesterday. Bad Homburg is only a 2 h car ride away from where I'm living so I didn't had to get up too early. I arrived there around 11 am. Just in case you are wondering what I'm doing in Bad Homburg I will try to explain.
In germany you have the opurtunity to stay in some kind of health resort when you had a serious illness like cancer. So I applied for a place last year and they accepted me for a 3 week stay.
I'm very lucky because I got a really big room with a balcony. This is pretty cool since ther are only 9 rooms with a balcony (out of 150).
I'm doing lots of sports while I'm here and of course I'm trying to relax a lot.
Today I went nordic walking, swimming and had a little workout in the gym.

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  1. Glad you are having a good time relaxing and doing sports. I remember when my host mother went to one of these on a German island. She took the boys though; it was a mother/child rehab.