Monday, January 16, 2012

busy birthday week

(birthday cake)

As I already told you yesterday I had a super busy birthday week.
My sis visited me for 6 days and we tryed to squeeze as much as we could in this week.

(icing sugar)

Of course one days was filled with shopping fun. We went to some stores to try on some clothes just for fun.

On that days both of us had a really shitty day. Do you know the days when nothing seems to be right.
You don't like your outfit, you hate your hair and feel completly miserable ?!
Shopping always helps to brighten up those days.

Both of us didn't buy lots of new stuff. We got some skinny jeans from H&M for 9,95 € only and my little sis got 3 jackets from the sale rack.

We cleaned my wardrobe and I donated 4 big bags of clothes for charity.
I gave lots of my stuff to my sis too. When she left me on sunday half of her suitcase was filled with my clothes.


When you think that my closet is nearly empty you are complety wrong. I still have to many clothes and I just bought 3 skinny pants from H&M .

(cute Franzi)
On friday a few of my friends came over for a birthday party.
We had lots of vanilla vodka with passion fruit juice. When I drink on special occasions I prefer vodka because it never causes any headaches on the next day.
When I was younger I always drank beer when we went out but these days are gone. 

I got some really cool things for my birthday.

I asked mr. artistic for some surprice presents.
He designed some unique headphones for me.

He got me two little Lala lopsie dolls and my first monster high doll.

I was looking for the monster high dolls for a little while now but never jumped on the bandwagon and got one.
I really love the monster high customs and I really want to give it a try.
I already removed all her make up but I won't be able to work on her for the next 4 weeks.

I got a CD and a voucher for a trip from my dad and a special gift from my older sis who gave me her dress which I wore on my wedding <3.

Franzi ordered a case for my samsung galaxy SII and it arrived just in time for my birthday.
Sadly the seller made a mistake and sent a wrong skin.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Bad Homburg. I will stay there for 3 weeks and I will enjoy every minute with relaxing andnlots of sports.
Sadly I have no idea if I'm able to post as often as I want.


  1. This sounds like a spectacular birthday week! Congrats on a new decade and have an awesome week!

  2. Enjoy your 3 weeks of relaxing and sports. We'll miss you!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Isa! Looks like you had a wonderful time :) Those headphones are so awesome! And, not to take away from your celebration or blog, but that picture of Franzi looks like me so much, I had to do a double take and my mom said, "When did you take that picture?" Haha...maybe we just think that but...crazy! And I also love your phone case!