Friday, January 6, 2012

Eleven Things

Eleven Things about me:

1. I love tiny salty pretzels but I hate the salt on them. I always peel the salt of so you find lots of salt around me when I snack pretzels.
2. My family moved into a small village when I was a teenager. The next bigger city was 20 km away and the bus stoped only 3 times a day durring weekday and never at weekends.
This means I had no chance to meet up with friends untill I was 18 and allowed to drive a car.
3. I'm shy when I meet new people but as soon as I feel comfortable around them I'm a really loud person.
4. I don't drink anything from plastic bottles because the santicizer is toxic for your body (and causes cancer).
5. My home is always a mess. I have tons of craft stuff and I'm still buying more.
I love all kind of crafts so I need lots of materials.
6. Sometimes envious of girls in my age or younger with babies. I'm not able to have kids of my own and I still struggle because of this.
7. Mr. artistic and me want to adopt a kid (because of 6.). We are hoping to adopt a kid from another country so it's time to save some money.
8. I'm going to Bad Homburg in 1 1/2 week for rehab (because of my breast cancer in 2009).
I will stay there for 3 weeks and I'm already excited. I will do lots of sports and other fun stuff.
9. I really want to learn how to knit but I have no patience. I tryed it several times but always gave up after a few minutes.
10. I really enjoyed my doll times (10/2006 - 12/2008). I met lots of lovely people through Blythe & BJD and I still talk to a few of them. Some of them turned into fantastic friends which I don't want to miss anymore.
11. I rarely drink coffee because it makes me feel crazy. My body is not used to the caffein so I'm feeling like being on drugs after a big cup of coffee.
Eleven things asked by fellow blogger my billie.

1. Be honest with me. Do you wear socks with your tennis shoes all the time?
Of course I wear socks because I read that the dye they use for shoes is toxic and causes cancer.
 2. Where are you from?
I was born in Nauen/ Germany and grew up in the east of germany (near Berlin).
3. Who is/are your hero/es?
My mom. She was an awesome woman. Full of creativity and love.
 4. What do you want to do with your life?
Due to my breast cancer I have no real plan for the future or my life. The most important thing is to be healthy so this is all I want.
5. What/who makes you happy.
 My cat, my hubby, my family and my hobby.
 6. Mac or PC person?
MAC <3
7. What are three of your favorite blogs?
I have so many fave blogs that I'm not able to pick only three.
8. What's your favorite food?
 Chocolate <3
 9. Favorite movie?
Lord of the Rings. Mr. artistic and I watch all three movies every year around christmas.
 10. Are you ticklish??
Yep :)
 11. What do you like most about yourself?
That I'm able to create sth. with my own hands.

Eleven questions I came up with for you!

1. What is your fave drink ?
2. Where is your fave place in your home ?
3. Best holidays you ever had ?
4. Are you a teamsport person ?
5. Best childhood memory ?
6. Do you still have music tapes ?
7. Fave music ?
8. 100 good friends or one best friend ?
9. Party people or staying at home ?
10. What is your biggest fear ?
11. What are your plans for 2012 ?

I'm supposed to tag other bloggers but I'm affraid that I might get on your nerves.
If you want to play the game feel free to awnser my question and leave a message on my blog ^___^.


  1. Oh yay Isabelle! Thanks for doing this : ) I posted a link to your post at the bottom of my 11 Things post. I want to answer your questions, too! Here goes:

    1. My favorite drink is a double shot of espresso OR a jack and diet coke (depends on the time of day!). Over in Germany my favorite drink is a Kolaweissen : )
    2. My living room is my favorite spot in my home. It's got the most natural light and a huge sliding door with a view to our courtyard. It also houses my books and sewing machine.
    3. The best holiday I ever had is probably New Years Eve 2010. Had a great time and met my boyfriend there. And it was totally spontaneous. I was convinced I would be staying in that night but at the last minute got ready and went to a party!
    4. I'm not too into sports anymore, but I love being in a group of people (does that count for anything??)
    5. My best childhood memories are from staying at my Granny's house. She spoiled us rotten and gave us so much love.
    6. Unfortunately I do not have any music tapes.
    7. My favorite kind of music is a indie punk pop oldies blues hybrid : )
    8. I only need one friend to be good.
    9. I'm more inclined to stay home with a pal or two over going out, but I still go out a couple of times a week.
    10. My biggest fear used to be dying, but now I'm more at peace about it. Then it was rejection, but that's resolving itself. I'd say something silly like spiders is my greatest fear.
    11. My main plan for 2012 is to do everything in my power to establish myself creatively and occupationally. We'll see what happens : )

    One more thing. Thanks for sharing about your experiences with cancer. You must be a really brave person.

  2. Hallo Isa!
    I came across your blog and I am so happy I found it. I lived in Germany (Osnabrueck) for a year from July 2010-2011 and I love everything German :) Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi.

    xo, Hayley

  3. thank you so much Isa for sharing more bits about yourself. i was one of those who met you through blythe & bjds.. I also love your quilting & other crafts & of course followed you through your cancer. I always smile when I think of your beautiful smiling face as I look at my iPhone case one of 2 that look alike as you made the other for Shawna (effiethedal) another person I love so yes I also love Mac. :) My hubby & I also adopted & it is a fantastic experience, just hard while you are waiting for that little one to end up in your arms. Never give up! I know you won't & enjoy your 3 weeks so well deserved. Your friend from afar Barbara (rhubsknit)

  4. Lovely post, Isa. I always enjoy getting to know you a little better. And being in your 30s is pretty cool, by the way - you start to feel so much more at one with yourself. Regarding number 6, I'm sure you and Mr Artistic will find a way to have your own family. Your both such loving people and deserve every happiness.

    Okay, my response to your questions!

    1. What is your fave drink ? - Non-alcoholic is Diet Coke; and alcoholic is gin and slimline tonic.
    2. Where is your fave place in your home ? All of it? I'm such a home bird and love my nest :) If I had to pick one place, it would be the kitchen as I love eating and cooking!
    3. Best holidays you ever had ? Prague, in 2005, with John. It was mad and carefree :D
    4. Are you a teamsport person ? No. I'm too competitive.
    5. Best childhood memory ? I honestly can't remember. Just being a family - all of us together.
    6. Do you still have music tapes ? Yes, and I watch videos still. We collect vintage Bang and Olufsen stuff and only got a DVD player in 2010!
    7. Fave music ? 80s electronica and 90s indie music.
    8. 100 good friends or one best friend ? One best friend. Mine is amazing and I've known her since I was 11.
    9. Party people or staying at home ? Staying at home.
    10. What is your biggest fear ? Being poor. I grew up poor and hated it.
    11. What are your plans for 2012 ? Move house, move jobs, earn more money, spend more time with my friends.