Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why my blog was empty for a few days

I had the most perfect week.
My little sis arrived on tuesday and stayed untill today.

It's very rare to have a few days for each other so I enjoyed every minute.
I love her to bits and I already start to miss her a lot.

I wish we would live much closer. More than 500 km and both busy with working makes it really hard to see each other for more than 2 days in row.

Having her here for my birthday was the best present ever.
She is fun, cute and most adorable little sis on earth.


please come back soon. I miss our fun breakfast while watching Dawsons Creek and eating tons of unhealthy stuff .

Love you so much !!!


I will post about the past days tomorrow before I'm going to Bad Homburg for 3 weeks.

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