Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday mr. artistic and I visited his family.
My little niece turned two.

I'm a very proud aunty and I enjoy every minute with her.
Gladly they live only 80 km away (same city like my parents in law) so I see her everytime we visited my parents in law.

My heart always beats faster when she is saying my name.
Me and mr. artistic taught her to make "high five" and she is only doing it with us.

She loves books and reading and you find her very often sitting on the couch and reading her books.

I gave her some handmade gifts for her birthday.
Her mommy asked me for some fun handmade gifts to decorate her room.
I bought some cute fabrics a while back and finally I used it for a little bunting.

I had a a few scraps from the bunting and made it into a little mini quilt.

 I stiched around each square with pink, yellow, green ore blue embroidery floss.

 It can be used as a little tablecloth for her table or as wall hanging.
Amelie decided to use it in a different a little blanket.

Isn't she adorable ??!!
In my eyes she is the cutest and fun girl on earth <3

I already have a new sewing list for her room.
She needs pillows for her tiny chairs and maybe a new quilt.

This is the baby quilt which I made for her right after her birth.
She use it as a play mat right now <3.
It was my very first quilt and I cutted all the fabrics with scissors. Can you believe that?!
It took me hours.
But I have to wait untill Amelie gets a big girl bed to take the measurements.

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  1. So cute! It's always nice to have little ones to make crafty things for.