Friday, January 27, 2012

room with a view

room with a view, originally uploaded by crafting with loove.

Sorry for being so quiet here on my blog.
Life is busy here Bad Homburg. Every day is filled with sports and in the evening I always add some extra hours exercising.
I rarely find time to read my fave blogs or just hang around in the web. Sometimes it's great to have only limited internet excess so you can focus on other important things.
This weekend my dad is here for a visit. We went to expressionistic reading and today we are going to see the Franz Marc, Joseph Beuys and Ewald Matare excibition. I'm totally excited because im a really big fan of Franz Marc since many years. He was an awesome painter and I really wish to win the lottery to own a painting of him.

Who is your fave artist?
Is he still alive ?
What kind of art do you prefer ?

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  1. What a wonderful thing to go to a resort for three weeks... you deserve it. I used to love fine art and go to the best museums in the world but it's been a long time. Now I go to the supermarket and back home ;) Enjoy your rest and health, Isa xo amy