Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas mails

The new year is already 6 days old and I had still no time to blog about my christmas mails from last year.
Due to the holiday traveling and of course my lazy ass I'm a little bit behind to say thank to some lovely friends from all over the world.

A few ladies spoilt me with fun a cute christmas packages.
Each package was so unique and filled with love and creativity.

There was a lovely mail from Lala.

(tiny envelope with tiny christmas cards)  

(Lala always has the cutest mails)
(filled with lots of fun and cute things)
I had a little christmas surprice mail from Mo and Sammie.

(cute handmade card from Sammie)

(a cute christmas ornament for my collection)
Jo surpriced me with a cute handmade gift and fabrics.

(owl coinpurse made by Jo and amazing christmas fabrics)

Another mail came all the way from Japan. Ayumi  outdid herself with a cute and fun mail for my tummy and my crafty hands.

(candy, fabrics and a cute handmade potholder)

(cute house pottholder)

I have so many lovely friends all over the world. 
Thank you so much.
I'm blessed <3


  1. Hey lady! That tiny letter is preciooous!! I kind of adore the little Christmas tree ornament and Sammie's card : )

    Looks like you had a great holiday!

    I did an 11 things post on my blog that you might be interested in doing yourself. It was super fun to do and seems like something right up your alley : ).

    No pressure though my friend.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Ohh I am so glad that you like the house potholder! It is nothing amazing like everything you create, but I wanted to send you handmade love anyway ;) happy 2012, Isa!!