Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last week in my 20ies

Next week is filled with party and celebration.

I'm turning 30 in seven days.

I will take a pic of myself each day untill my birthday.

Today I had an appointment 2 hours after I finished work.
I had to kill time and ended up shopping.

I went to karstadt to buy some needles for my sewing machine and I looked for some yummy yarn.

I ended up with the quilting needles only (so expensive) and went straight to H&M.
In Göttingen we have a childen H&M and a woman H&M.

Because I found some good stuff at the children H&M last time I checked the children H&M first.
I had a 50 € gift coupon (thanks SIL) in my bag and I was ready to spend a few Euro for fun stuff.

When I entered the H&M the grey sweater screamed my name.
Since yesterday I was thinking about getting a simple grey sweater to wear over my blouses.

For 10 € of course it was mine.
When I was waiting for an empty changing room I saw a girl trying a lovely knitted sweater.
I turned around quick and started searching for the sweater.
Lucky me found the sweater on the sale rack for 10 € only.

Of course this sweater had to be mine too.

The sale rack had lots of other lovely clothes too.
I found a black sweater with little flowers which I bought in different colors a few months ago.

For 7 € it went on the "buying" pile immediately.
There was a grey striped shirt for 3 € which I didn't photograph. It's the same style like the black flower shirt only with short sleeves. Of course I had to get it too.

My closet is lacking checkered blouses.
When I found one for 7 € I hads to try it.

It's not slim fitted but goes lovely with skinny jeans.

For 37 € I got five lovely tops . What a great deal.
Now I really need to clean my closet to make room for these beauties.
Gladly my sis coming in a few days for my birthday so she can help me to donate some old stuff .

Have you noticed the blouse I'm wearing today ?!
I bought it more than 3 years ago from miss selfridge.
I found it in my closet today still with tags .

Do you have clothes in your closet which you never wore and still with all the tags ????
I still have a few clothes which I never wore. Sometimes I donate these without wearing them once .


  1. So pretty, Isa! I've plenty of clothes which are still new with tags in my closet! I did a clean up on New Year's evening to make more rooms for my new clothes. I've a pile of old clothes waiting to be sent to Salvation Army. We do closet clean-up a few times a year.

    I wish I fit in kids sizes :) I've broad shoulders. and sometimes I've to buy EU36 (I'm a EU34) for tops because of my shoulders. I hate it when the rest of the top look loose on me. xo Amanda

  2. great buys at H&M! I shop for Livi and Nicholas at the kids shop... such good prices. I never thought to shop for myself there! I wish you a happy happy birthday Isa (wish I knew ahead of time :) I think you will enjoy your 30's even more than your 20's... you'll see! Best wishes xoxo amy

  3. You look lovely !! <3
    I wish we have H&M in Chile soon. They said in 3 month
    * finger crossed*
    I miss their clothes so much !

    Big hugs isa !


  4. I certainly do have clothes with the tags on still in my wardrobe, I'm so ashamed! great buys at H&M - i lovvvvee the kids section too, Zara kids is always amazing too! :)

  5. Girls, shopping and years... ah :))