Monday, January 2, 2012

new years party

It'a already 2012 and I still owe you the new years eve party report.

As I already told you me and my friends celebrated at the Maritim hotel in Berlin.

My older sis and I met with mr. artistic and my friends at Friedrichsstrasse near the Maritim.

We were lucky that the weather was nice when we left my sis home. We arrived at the location around 7 pm.
The party started around 9 pm with a yummy buffet and lots of beer and wine.

All the food looked so delicious.
I wish I had taken more pics of the other stuff than only the sweets. But I was the only person who took pics of the food. I guess the other people are used to see that lovely prepared food every day.

The had lots of different dishes and everything I tryed tasted heavenly.

After the plate of sweets I felt really sick. But everything looked so good so I had to take a piece of everything .
Sadly they removed the buffet around 11 pm already so there was no chance for a little midnight snack.

Because one of mr. artistic and my friends knows the hotel owner we were allowed to see the firwork from the rooftop.
Usually the normal party guests were not allowed to see the firworks. Only people who booked a room in the hotel and news years eve party.

Sadly I forgot the to take a pic of my outfit minus the coat.

The famous new years eve kiss .

The firwork was fantastic. Gladly it wasn't raining at that point.

Watch the firework video here.

My sis and I left the party around 3 am. 
The party was really nice (mostly because of the yummy food). Most of the people were much older than me. I think the average age was around 55.

I can see myself going to this kind of party in 20 years. For next year I would like to go to a place with younger people.

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