Monday, January 9, 2012

birthday haircut

Only 2 days and I will turn 30.

Time for a new and fresh hair cut.


I went to my fave hairdresser. You can see Afi in the background (the blonde lady).
She always makes my hair.

(waiting for the dye to make my hair blonde again)

Before I met her I really hated going to the hairdresser.
It was really annoying to talk to someone you don't really know about stupid and random stuff for hours and hours.

(wet and fresh cut)

Afi is different. We can talk and we can also enjoy the silence while I read some mags.
She made my hair blonde again and decided that I have to grow my hair into a bob.

(all done and happy)

I already painted my nails for my birthday too.

Tomorrow I will pick up my sis from the train station.
She will stay with me till sunday.
This is definetly the best birthday present.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you're an 82 too! ;) This is why you're so special, hehehe
    I wish I could have a cool hairdresser like yours. There's one girl I like a lot but the shop where she works it's too expensive for me.