Friday, March 4, 2011

the LAST surgery

Today was a day filled with doctor visits. I saw my oncologist to get my zometa treatment. 
Finally I decided to continue getting it because I feel no side effects (OK I have to admit I feel a bit dizzy and my head hurts a bit but beside of this I feel great) which bother me.

(waiting for the zometa)

(zometa is coming)
 After the treatment I rushed home and changed the car against the bike to rush to most important apointment ever !!!!

(me before I left for surgery)

Can you remember when I wrote about my breast surgery in october 2009  ???
So today was the big day.

(Hospital Weende)
I had my last breast surgery today. I can't believe that my boobs are finished after 1 1/2 year. Dr. Said
coloured my nipples today (OMG, I just noticed that they replaced my fave male assistant doctors . This is so sad because after such a long time I felt safe around them. Sadly I have to go to the new ones on monday to get my bandage changed *ARGHH*  I don't want female doctors at my age changing my bandage !!).

(picking the perfect "dress and hat" for the surgery)
 When I was on the OP table Dr. Said asked (with a smile on his face) me who made these breasts. And I told him that it was him and that I'm very happy with my boobs. I told him that I got so many compliments and that I always enjoy showing my new boobs around . I looked happy after I told him that.

(shoe covers for the OP)
(getting dressed for the surgery...a few seconds later dr. Said entered the room and saw that I'm taking pictures of myself . very embarrassing)
The surgery went perfect. I was allowed to choose the size and the colour of the nippels. Dr. Said wanted to give me big nipples. Gladly the nurse and I were able to convince him that small ones are much prettier.
Dr. Said mixed some colours and I choose my fave one. I choose small nipples in a light pink/ brown colour *lol*.
He is a artist because he coloured the nipples a bit more pink and the areola darker, like real nipples !
Sadly I saw the new nipples only a few seconds before he covered his work in bandages.

(leaving the "pretty" nightdress in the hospital)
After the surgery Dr. Said told me that I'm not allowed to do any sports. That's the fact I'm hating most because I really wanted to go to the sports classes today (workout with Jésus). I'm not allowed to do any sports for a week but I will definetly go to sports classes on monday !!

The nurse asked who is picking me up after surgery. I told her that I'm taking my bike and go home by myself (I always took my bike even after chemo !!). 
She said I should rest and maybe I should walk home. Of course I did nothing of that. I took my bike and went shopping instead.

I thought it was time to spoil myself. Since my breast is DONE I really needed something to remind me that I'm a complete woman again. 
I wanted a new charm for my bracelet....and guess what I picked. A bra !

(gift for myself to celebrate the finished boobs)
I went to my fave pastry shop and bought a yummy cake.

(praline tarte on my childhood plate)
After seeing the gorgeous fifi lapin shirts I ordered for a lovely girl on flickr I thought I needed one for myself. 
I went to pimkie and got the grey one & a demin blouse .

(todays purchase)
The shoes are from new yorker. I didn't plan to buy anything there but as always I couldn't resist. I always need to buy shoes when I find them in my size. Euro 42 is very rare so I had to buy them and I really needed grey ones .


  1. Congrats! I am glad they turned out well ;-) It must be such a relief to have this chapter over. I am glad you went and celebrated - you deserve it.

  2. Congrats! Great idea to spoil yourself and good choice! I love the bra :)

  3. Yay for pretty boobs :) Many congrats on getting to the end of this particular journey, Isa. I'm really thrilled for you xxx

  4. ...wir haben grad ganz tolle Walkmaxx bei Weltbild. In Weiß-Blau und Weiß-Rot ~.~"
    (Das ist SO demütigend!!!)
    (Aber nur bis man an die "Powerarmbänder" denkt +_+)

    ...was du schreibst liest sich alles so toll, man freut sich unweigerlich für dich! Als du vom Nippelcolorieren erzählt hast musste ich kurz lachen. Hakon guckte mich fragend an aber ich hab erstmal nix gesagt ^^"

    Ich freu mich so für dich! Ehrlich!!!

  5. Hi Isa,

    I'm so happy to hear everything was fine with your surgery!
    You are so strong and i love the fact that you went shopping alone those gifts for you. You totally deserve them and everything that you want.

    You are the best !


  6. Well done Isa!!

    And you did it all with humour ... I don't know how.
    I wish you a lovely weekend and some treats.


  7. congrats on your final surgery and your crazy for doing all that shopping and bike riding straight after!!! awesome self gifties you deserve to be spoilt!

  8. I'm really really happy you have finished all the surgeries. You're a breve person,you have gone through a lot of difficulties. I send you a big hug and love. Enjoy your boobs!! <3<3<3

  9. Hello Isabelle, I sometimes see your photos on Flickr today I discovered your blog! And then I knew a little bit more about the disease that affected and you win the surgery last month. Even without knowing it, I'm glad to see it well, sew, shopping or even when he complains of having one week flat. No, not ... Perhaps lacking only add more colors, just like you did with the hair and give a bit of fun ... But so slowly find the balance, and you must back your day like that please!
    * I have not mastered English, German, even less. Pardon the grammar, written in Portuguese and used the google translators.
    =) Ana Paula.