Monday, March 28, 2011

Help Japan: Hoppel raffle

Since the last weeks Japan is always in my mind.
I really would love to help the people so I came up with the idea to make special Hoppel's for Japan.
I had a hard time choosing the perfect fabric but finally I decided to use the super cute japanese fabric which I wanted to keep for a special project. I think this is the project which the fabrics were waiting for the past years.
I made three little Hoppel's which are filled with love and hope for Japan.

(Hoppel's for japan)

(special "Japan" embroidery on the back)

How the raffle works:

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes: handmade Hoppel filled with looove.

Cost: $5 per ticket
Please don't use the word “raffle” in your payment, just put “Japan” in the subject.
paypal: The raffle is closed

As this is for charity, I don’t wish to limit the number of tickets sold.
I will leave the raffle open until April 1 th.
You can purchase as many tickets as you want.
As tickets are purchased, I will add your name to the list .
Winner will be chosen via

If possible (I know it's not working in most countries like germany)  mark your payment as a gift so that the maximum amount of funds can be donated!
All donations will be given to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

The shipping is free worldwide.


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3. charlotte & stewart
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  1. so lovely! a wonderful idea.

  2. @ charlotte & stewart: thank you so much helping japan <3

  3. @ Sherri: thank you so much for helping japan ^___^

  4. @ Lala: thankies are the cutest <3

  5. thank for making all these lovely Hoppels to help Japan^___^

  6. @homesweethome: thankies ... I had lots of fun making these.
    @jeni: thankies Jeni for purchasing the tickets <3

  7. Lovely idea - hope you got my pymt.