Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Since a few weeks I'm thinking about vacation plans for 2011.
Last year I traveled all the way to Hong Kong and Singapore for a 2 week vacation. I had an amazing time with lots of lovely people and I still wish that both countries wouldn't be so far away.

I really wish I could go to Hong Kong again but I have less paid vacation this year (I had 55 days of paid holidays last year because of my illness in 2009. I wasn't able to use any of the paid vacation in 2009.)
I have "only" (I know it's a lot in comparison to other countries) 26 days of paid holidays which means around 6 1/2 weeks of paid vacation (I work only 4 days a week that's why it's 6 1/2 weeks).

But I still have my paid educational leave. In most of the parts in germany your employer has to warrant you 5 days of paid educational leave. Since I didn't use any of my paid educational leave last year I have 10 days!!

First I thought about using these 10 days for some kind of job relating further training. But why should I do that ?!
I always wanted to take language classes in another country and I found a website who offers languages classes abroad.

My first plan was going to the USA. But sadly my province doesn't accept it. So after a little research I found a language course in Vancouver.

So my plan for 2011 is 2 weeks of language classes in Vancouver (august/ september) and after these weeks I want to travel one week in Canada and maybe a little trip to the US.

I will have a place to live while I'm in Van but I still need to organize everything after the 2 weeks of language classes.

Do you have any advise for taveling alone in Canada and USA ?
Any websites for cheap flights from Van to California or any other places in the US ?
Any places I have to visit (west coast)?
Any cheap and safe places to stay (because I'm traveling on my own ) ?
Is it possible and safe to travel alone with a car ?
Is it expensive to rent a car ?

I'm hoping for some advises from you guys ! It's really the first time going on a trip on my own without any help .


  1. Yay Canada!
    For cheap flights try westjet

  2. Woohoo! In Vancouver there is the Skytrain which makes it easier to get around ^o^ I hope I will have a hance to meet you when you come ;D

  3. @johanna: thankies for the link...I just had a look for some flights...the prices look really nice ;)

    @Chun: I will try the Skytrain :) ...and of course I would looove to meet you while I'm there !!

  4. Oh I would have to come up to Vancouver to meet with you as it is my home most of my family still lives there on both my dad's side and my mom's side. I live about 6 hours south of Vancouver now in the USA I don't have any family here in the US except my husband and children now grown.

  5. @Barbara: It would be awesome to meet you too <3

  6. I'm in Vancouver too! There's some nicer hostels downtown (but you still have to be careful, of course), I've found renting a car is usually around $100/day. Whistler is a short drive north, if you want to see some mountains. Victoria is lovely too, a ferry ride away on Vancouver Island.

  7. Waaaaaaahnsinn *o*
    Oh man ich würd mir das sowas von NIE trauen! Ganz ganz vielleicht mit Hakon an meiner Seite, aber ALLEIN? Ich ziehe meinen viel zu großen Hut vor ihnen, junge Dame *verneig* Leider hab ich so Null Reisetipps für dich, nur jede Menge (nicht bösartigen) Neid *kihi* denn meine Himmelschreiene Panik vor allen Eventualitäten steht devinitiv in TOTALEM Kontrast zu meinem prinzipiellen Fernweh und bremst dieses quasi zu 9o% aus...Dänemarkt in allen Ehren, aber ich frag mich manchmal echt, ob ich je ein Land jenseites der europäische Grenzen bewundern können werde, wenn sich daran nicht ganz gravierend etwas ändert T_T

    Zum Glück is noch bisschen Zeit bis August ^o^
    (Machst du schon ne Postkartenliste? Ich würd mich gern um einen Platz darauf bewerben :3)

  8. Your plans sound great! Does your job pay you for language education? INCREDIBLE! (do you work for the government? It is mandatory or is it a kind grant?