Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Long time no see

Hey folks,

I'm still alive. I can't believe that it's nearly a year since I blogged here the last time.

Last year was a very happy year for me. I wa busy with vacation, friends, summer and of course some crafty things too.

But lets start with march 2014.

It was the first vacation of 2014.
Hubby and I went to Tokyo again.

We spent two amazing weeks in the sunny (and sometimes rainy) Japan.
We saw lots of blooming cherry trees and ate so much yummy food.

We went to Kamakura and found a lovely temple near the beach.
For me it was the most rememberable moment of this vacation.
This temple was hidden in the woods and there were no people beside of us.

We are not sure if we are able to again this year.
But secretly I still hope for another Japan vacation in spring.

By the way...is there still anyone out there reading this little blog.
Or is everybody gone after being away for a year ?


  1. A few weeks ago I thought about writing an E-Mail to you (-:
    So I´m very happy to read this Post and look forward to read more!

  2. I am here! And I am so happy you are back. I can´t wait to see your new sewing projects and another pictures from your daily live! :)