Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review 2#

Since I didn't blog a lot last year I will start 2015 with a little review of the past year.
So in my next blog posts I will show you a little bit of my 2014 life.

In the last post (yesterday) I already gave you a little update of my Tokyo vacation in march 2014.
But Tokyo wasn't the only thing in march.

Sadly I don't have lots of pretty pictures (since mostly I just took snap shoots with my moblie phone) for march but at least I will be able to give this post (and some other posts of 2014 -> coming the next days) a little bit of fun and spark.

In march I rediscovered my love for sewing human clothes (the past years I mostly made doll clothes).
It all started with a male friend of mine who told me that he has a sewing machine and that he would love to learn how to sew.
I showed him how to use his machine (and did a pretty good job...untill today) and thought that I might sew something for myself too.
We went to the fabric market which is touring in germany every year and I got some pretty fabrics.

I made a few new fun shirts.

In the past years I found some lovely thrift stores in my city. And when I'm not traveling at the weekend I check the shops every saturday with a friend.

I'm very easy to please in thrift stores. Just give me some cool earclips or tableware and I'm the happiest girl on earth.

The march was also for sewing.

I made a cute little pillow cover for my new vintage chair. I used the fabrics which I got from my friend Wendy as a birthday gift.

So this was my march.
What do you think ?
Still interessted in reading more about my last year ?


  1. Yes! Maybe it seems strange, but I like to see, how other people live, their style, their favourite things... it is inspirational :) Have a nice time, Jolana

  2. It`s perfect ^^